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#BRISTAN BULLETIN: Reducing the Risk for Children with Hot Water Safety Features

7th June 2019

Child Safety Week provides an important reminder that hot water presents an everyday risk to children, but safety features designed in by Bristan can ensure specifiers in the education sector can select taps and plumbing products that are designed with safety and quality in mind.
Managing hot water risk

In a school environment where children of all ages access the same facilities, one of the main challenges in the delivery of water is to ensure that the water remains at a safe temperature. Whilst it’s essential to maintain a high-water temperature of 60⁰C or above to neutralise bacteria build up, when water temperatures are over 60⁰C this presents a serious scalding risk.

Safety is of paramount importance and the easiest way to alleviate risk and achieve a balance between a safe water temperature and infection control is to specify products with thermostatic mixing valves (TMV). TMV’s allow water to be stored at a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria but reduce the water to a safe temperature at point of use generally between 37⁰C and 46⁰C depending on application. Therefore, providing peace of mind that appropriate measures have been taken to prevent the risk of scalding.

Easy to use and efficient

With the average pupil using an estimated 4,000 litres of water every year an efficient supply of water is fundamental. The Bristan commercial range is designed to meet the needs of education and offers a variety of taps within the Z2 1/2 C range that provide automatic shut off. This means students are not able to leave the taps running or block the sink, helping to reduce the risk of overflows which can lead to slippery and untidy bathroom areas.

The responsibility of providing an accessible and safe environment is serious business for schools but functional features such as timed flow operation and soft touch control can help to provide non-restrictive use for all physical dexterity and even the smallest of hands.

Choosing quality

We know that when it comes to the education sector, budgets are becoming increasingly stretched meaning that many contractors are looking for safe, quality products with a long product life cycle.

At Bristan our Z2 1/2 C taps are not only WRAS-approved but have been designed to offer exceptional levels of performance. Covered by our no nonsense guarantees and made from high-quality materials, our commercial products are rigorously tested in our in-house test lab. This means when you specify Bristan you can be assured that you’re choosing hardwearing, durable products that are designed to last even in high traffic areas.
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