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16th May 2019

This mental health awareness week, Bristan is reminding those in construction to focus on wellbeing at work.

The Mental Health Foundation reports a loss of 70 million workdays each year in the UK, due to mental health issues. From contractors to labourers, in the construction industry mental health issues are particularly acute.


According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) it is men who work in the building industry that are three times more likely to take their own lives, than men who work within other industries on average. And it’s not difficult to see why the industry is so badly affected by mental health issues.

The constant shift of work patterns and long, demanding hours combined with working away from home for weeks at a time can exasperate emotional wellbeing. On top of that, the unease felt across the industry around job security for contractors and their team, can contribute to rising levels of stress and anxiety.

It is important that those in construction are aware of the risks so that they are better able to support their team in managing their mental health more effectively.


Whether spending a lot of time alone on a particular project or feeling disconnected from family while on site, lone workers can often feel incredibly isolated. Feelings of loneliness can lead to diminishing self-confidence and result in low productivity. Creating a support network of either colleagues or peers can help to reduce the feeling of isolation. Joining relevant groups online or through social media can help people to feel more connected to others who understand similar work demands. At Bristan we offer online specification support for professionals, which along with project building tools, we can facilitate links to industry organisations such as RIBA and NBS National BIM Library.
Bristan page on NBS BIM Library


There are many brilliant organisations that can provide support and guidance around managing mental health in construction. Mates in Mind is a UK charity that aims to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing in construction and related industries. The initiative has a host of online resources to help workers cope with the emotional demands of their job.
For support with the day to day and to help ease undue stress around product suitability, Bristan’s field-based team of experienced experts are available to assist with the creation of a specification. And, in the event of difficulty during or post installation, a team of engineers is on hand for site visits if needed.
With a welcome focus on mental health awareness this week, it is a great opportunity for those in construction to issue some self-care and help manage the risks for others.
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