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Join us at the ASCP Safety and Compliance Conference

Affordable Housing Specialist, Sophie Taylor and her team, will be attending the ASCP Safety & Compliance Conference on 23rd and 24th September and showcasing our taps and showers to affordable housing professionals. 

Ahead of the event, Sophie discusses what to expect from Bristan Group.

Bringing the industry together

“We can’t wait to reunite with our customers, particularly after a new whitepaper was released last year detailing the actions the Government will take to deliver quality housing for residents. It’s a great time to think about how the sector can come together to build safer, higher quality housing for all – and Bristan Group is here to keep life flowing for our customers.”

What you can expect at the event

“Over the 40 years that Bristan Group has been supplying Britain with bathroom products, we have built a reputation for integrity, innovation and consistent quality. Our products are renowned for making everyone’s life brilliantly simple.”

“We know that water safety and compliance is a top priority in any property – with the risks of hot water scalding and Legionella more prevalent than ever. At Bristan Group, we’re focused on creating customer inspired, safe solutions that deliver quality and innovation to last a lifetime. 

With this in mind, we’ll be exhibiting a range of products that can offer affordable housing professionals peace of mind when specifying safe housing. From robust bathroom taps with no nonsense 10-year guarantees, to brilliant bar showers with unique Safe Touch technology and TMV2-rated bath fillers that protect from hot water scalding. 

Plus, we’ll be here to discuss any questions or queries you may have about choosing the best products for your next specification.”

Come and visit us

The ASCP Safety & Compliance Conference is the UK’s only event dedicated to safety and compliance professionals within affordable housing. 
Book your place now – we can’t wait to see you there!”