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Integrating health and social care with Bristan

A new White Paper has been published by the government, setting out a blueprint to join up health and social care services as a key part of the post-pandemic reform.

Craig Rendall, Specification Sales Director, shares his thoughts on the proposed reform…

What does the new White Paper set out?

The new White Paper includes a pack of measures to deliver on specific needs within the social care sector. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has said the measures will support local health and care systems to deliver higher quality care to their communities, in a way that is less legally bureaucratic, more accountable, and more joined up, through bringing the NHS, local governments and partners together.

At Bristan we welcome the news. Not only will the reform allow better health and social care for all; it will allow social housing programmes to be more closely aligned with the needs of the community – from the ageing population to health inequalities.

What solutions can Bristan bring?

We recognise the importance of integrating health and social care when designing safer housing, which is why we offer a range of bathroom solutions that allow specification professionals to cater to the varying needs of residents.

Our customer inspired health and social care ranges have been developed in collaboration with healthcare managers and specifying professionals and is based on extensive research into specific sector requirements.

Discover our range of brilliant solutions now…

1. Thermostatic Technology

The HSE has identified a number of groups who are more susceptible to scalding from hot water: children, older people, people with reduced mental capacity, mobility or temperature sensitivity, and people who cannot react appropriately or quickly enough to prevent injury.

Investing in showers with a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a guaranteed way to ensure safety in health and social care. Our thermostatic technology works by mixing the hot and cold-water supply together to create a safer, more desirable temperature before it reaches the shower head. Plus, it has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents any unexpected hot or cold spikes, creating a safe showering experience for the user.

We offer a wide range of thermostatic showers to suit different needs and projects within the health and social care sector, including our best seller the Joy Care BEAB Thermostatic Electric Shower.

2. Infection Control

With the new and pre-existing challenges we now face, including the coronavirus outbreak and legionella, infection control is at the top of the agenda.

Infection control can be managed through our infrared taps, with the water flow activated by the user placing their hand within a 23-26cm range of the unit. Once the hand moves away, the valve will automatically switch off to save water. As a non-touch control tap, users don’t need to make physical contact with the tap surface, so the likelihood of indirect contact with germs, bacteria or infection is significantly reduced.

Also our new and improved OPAC commercial shower range offers the ideal safer showering option, while making maintenance and servicing brilliantly simple. With a patented built-in thermal flush mechanism, the OPAC TMV3 range is designed for easy infection control and supports anti-legionella regimes. Plus, the showers have filter change incorporated into the elbows for easy cleaning and replacement. And for guaranteed safety, every product
in the range meets TMV3 compliance, offering the highest level of protection against scalding from hot water.

3. Accessibility and Practical Design

Whether you have residents who are wheelchair users or residents with limited mobility, it’s important to incorporate accessibility into a showering space for safety. This can be achieved by installing grab and rest rails to offer users the freedom to enjoy more independent bathing, while keeping them safe and preventing any falls.

Choosing a shower with a lever-operated handle can also support accessibility, which is available in our OPAC commercial shower range. Dexterity often decreases as people get older, so this design offers a more tactile and intuitive option.