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#BRISTAN BULLETIN: Helping Housebuilders to Build Confidence in Cautious Homebuyers

With uncertainty looming over the economic future of the UK, those looking to jump on the property ladder are approaching with caution. Now more than ever it is important that housebuilders offer homes that people consider a safe investment.

With this in mind, how can contractors support housebuilders when specifying products for new domestic properties?

Today’s discerning homebuyers are scrutinising potential new homes, looking for the fixtures and fitting that meet their specific needs. Recent research from the NHBC, published in collaboration of with housebuilder Savills, noted that ‘minimum maintenance’ was a top priority for people looking to move. Potential buyers want homes that are ready to live in, will adapt to their changing needs and include products that are reliable and safe.

Because of this, housebuilders are increasingly relying on contractors to provide advice and guidance on which products will meet the needs of the modern homeowner, while also saving on installation time and meeting safety regulations.

The rise of multigenerational living means that family friendly homes with safe and easy to use products are a key consideration for those looking to buy. In the bathroom, it is important that high use appliances like taps and showers can be used safely by older people and young children alike. To satisfy the modern homeowner, the shower must also be aesthetically pleasing and fit with the homeowner’s décor aspirations.

Elderly family members may benefit from a shower like our BEAB Care Thermostatic Electric Shower which incorporates large, easy to move dials for ease of use, raised markings, audible clicks when settings are adjusted and contrast back boxes for better visibility. Families with young children will have piece of mind using a mixer shower fitted with a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV). TMVs regulate the shower’s temperature and have the ability to shut down the water supply if there’s a dramatic change in either the hot or cold water, reducing the risk of scalding. This safety feature also ensures that products comply with Part G regulations.
In kitchen, the hub of the home, it’s worth considering the type of products that make life easier for homeowners and add value to their new home investment. Quick installation products like Bristan’s range of Easyfit Taps and compatible sinks help to control costs for the housebuilder and keep projects on schedule.

The integral Easyfit base and pre-fitted flexi tails mean that the Easyfit tap body can be fixed to the sink with minimal fuss, saving valuable time on site. For the homeowner, who may want to update their tap in the future will benefit from the ability to simply unscrew the tap and replaced by another model from our Easyfit range.

Innovative additions such as a boiling water tap can also provide a real draw to potential homebuyers who have a keen eye on the latest home trends. Not all boiling water taps are created equal, and so it’s important that contractors specifying this type of product have all the information.

Bristan’s boiling water taps have undergone extensive lifecycle testing, meaning contractors can be certain that they are specifying a quality product that are not only made to last but quick and easy to install. Our Rapid 3 in 1 Boiling Water Tap is WRAS approved, competitively priced and perfect for customer upgrades. Fitted with a safety button that must be pushed in at the same time as turning the tap helps to control the flow of boiling water and will not run when left unattended.

Whether the UK really is in for a property market meltdown, many are unsure about the future of our economic climate. The pressure is on for developers to build homes that people really want to buy - and that means creating beautiful homes with functional, future proofed products.
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An image of an easy fit bristan kitchen tap being installed onto a kitchen sink

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Rapid Boiling Water Tap

Rapid 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap