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29th November 2018

This year’s #WorldArchitectureFestival has been full of inspirational design projects, and @RIBA’s House of the Year, a beautiful off-grid loch side house, was announced during the final episode of Grand Designs: House of the Year last night. It’s fantastic to see such outstanding examples of architecture brought into the spotlight, especially in the current climate of uncertainty.

Also, the government has announced it is recruiting for a national head of architecture to “champion the importance of good design outcomes”. It’s great to see the government pushing affordable, yet high-quality housing to the top of its agenda. We look forward to seeing how the new head of architecture will help to deliver on this potential.
The Big Bristan Story: Healthcare specification

When specifying products for healthcare facilities, there are many considerations which can keep busy architects awake at night - from eliminating water wastage and cutting utility costs to ensuring safety and managing infection control.

Healthcare isn’t an area to cut corners on quality. Fortunately, Bristan’s range has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare managers and specification professionals, ensuring that each product is aligned to the requirements of those who specify and use them daily.

Staying up to speed on the latest technology is critical. Here’s the low-down on the latest taps and showers which meet the challenging demands of the ever-evolving healthcare industry.


Bristan’s H64 tap, with incorporated TMV3 control, has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate washroom safety for medical environments. The tap’s patented integral flush technology means no additional equipment is required for servicing; making a routine thermal flush quicker and easier.

The H64’s removable spout makes it easy for maintenance workers to clean the tap. In addition, the smooth internal waterway design within the valve body minimises mixed water dead leg to help prevent the build-up of bacteria in sentinel points – both key requirements for the healthcare provider.


Non-touch technology has found a natural home in the healthcare sector, with big benefits in terms of reducing the spread of infection and speeding up maintenance procedures. By detecting human presence and switching on the water flow for a set amount of time, non-touch products alleviate the risk of cross-contamination, reducing the number of surfaces from which bacteria can be transferred.

What’s more, many infrared products now feature a high level of functionality. Infrared shower panels, for example, can be programmed to suit individual site needs, with some on the market even supplied with remote key-fobs, enabling facilities managers to control several parameters – which can include run-time and sensor activation – from wherever they are.

With the addition of anti-microbial coating on some models, these infrared panels are a strong infection control recommendation for healthcare environments. Infrared taps are also now a common choice, along with infrared soap dispensers, which will further lessen the risk of germs spreading.


It is important for healthcare environments to take into account the needs of a wide variety of people, including those who may be vunerable and have special needs. Scalding can be a serious hazard if steps aren't put in place to safeguard again hot water.

To reduce the risk of scalding, the use of thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) anywhere hot water is delivered is recommended. TMVs allow water to be stored and distributed at a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria, but reduce it to a safe temperature at the point of use by mixing it with the cold water supply. TMVs can also maintain the desired water temperature even when the incoming water pressures/flow rates change.


Designed and engineered in the UK to meet the most rigorous NHS and water industry standards along with legislative requirements. Bristan taps, showers, mixer valves and accessories are your guarantee of performance and reliability.

For architects and specifiers working in this sector, staying on top of the latest developments in technology can ensure that you not only tick the critical boxes associated with this challenging environment, but also maintain high levels of performance and efficiency.

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