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1st November 2018

This week, Chancellor Phillip Hammond officially confirmed a two-year extension of the Help to Buy scheme, meaning it will now run until 2023. Changes to the scheme include the limitation to first-time buyers only, and the introduction of regional price caps to provide a more targeted benefit to those who need it most. Not only do housebuilders now have more certainty for planning and investment going forward, but also more first-time buyers have the opportunity to get themselves on the property ladder.

#BRISTANBULLETIN: Upgrade options for buyer customisation


As home technology advances, exciting new products are emerging that provide developers with opportunities to upsell to potential homeowners. What’s more, we’re seeing that consumers become more trend-aware when it comes to their kitchens and bathrooms, and willing to splash out more than ever on products that have additional features from the standard.

For example, in the kitchen Bristan’s new Gallery kitchen range is designed to provide high-end design combined with exciting new functions to match individual personalities. The Gallery Smart Measure, for instance, is for homeowners who are keen cooks and want a kitchen tap that helps them achieve cooking and baking perfection with precise water delivery at the touch of a tap.

Alternatively, there’s the Gallery Pro Glide, which is packed with small innovations such as a pull-out handset and intelligently designed spout that rotates to the correct angle, whilst magnets ensure it is perfectly docked every time. It’s these features that make a stunning tap - a statement piece for any chic kitchen.


Today’s homebuyers want to balance aesthetics and functionality and are willing to invest to create a stylish space. Products that were once thought of as merely practical – such as electric showers – can increasingly make big design statements for potential homeowners who want to put a real stamp on their new home.

To meet demand for trend-led purchases, Bristan has launched products such as the Noctis and Solis electric showers. What makes Noctis and Solis truly fabulous are the designs - smooth, contemporary shapes and colours add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

There are three finishes to choose from - Noctis Black and Chrome, Noctis Black and Rose Gold, and Solis White. In Noctis, the metallic rose gold is stunningly contrasted with sleek matte black, and this chic look is perfect for fashionable, contemporary spaces. The Noctis Black and Chrome, on the other hand, is slightly futuristic and looks great against bold white tiles and sparkling ceramics.


For housebuilders, the emergence of easy-fit products is saving valuable time on site, reducing costs and keeping projects on schedule. Bristan sinks, for example, are designed to make life easier for installers, whilst offering effortless style updates to homeowners.

The integral Easyfit base and pre-fitted flexi tails mean that the Easyfit tap body can be fixed to the sink with minimum fuss, enormously speeding up the installation process. And, when the householder decides they need a kitchen update, the existing tap body can easily be unscrewed and replaced by another model from our Easyfit range for a brand new look in a matter of minutes.

By specifying these packages on new builds, developers can offer customers the ultimate ease of upgrade.

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Photography of A Bristan Gallery Smart Measure Kitchen Tap and A Gallery Flex Kitchen Tap

Photography of a Bristan Noctis and Solis Electric Shower

Photography of a Bristan Kitchen Sink and Tap
In line with this, the new build sector is continuing to grow – according to the National House Building Council (NHBC), new home registrations in Britain have reached their highest level in more than a decade, boosted by a number of large developments in London. This is good news for housebuilders and shows that there remains a strong demand for new homes across the UK.

Here at Bristan, we’re taking a look at the latest upgrade options that are available to the new build buyer…

The Big Bristan Story: Upgrade options for buyer customisation

Optional extras available to purchasers of new build homes can range from flooring and tiles to work surfaces and taps. But with new products coming on the market all the time, it can be a challenge for housebuilders to keep up to speed with the latest innovations.

One of the advantages of new builds is that they provide new owners with a blank canvas they can personalise as they like. However, developers are ideally placed to take advantage of trends that show customers are more willing to invest in quality, high performance kitchen and bathroom products that help their home stand out from the crowd.

So, what are the hot trends that are set to influence the upgrade options market for new home buyers?