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19 October 2018

It’s been a mixed week in the world of contracting. On the positive side, we’ve seen the Government release a package of proposals designed to end late payments. The measures are good news for SME contractors, who, on average, lose 20 days and £5,400 to late payment each year.

Equally, a study conducted by consultant Turner & Townsend found that contractors expected material costs to increase by 5.3 per cent over the next 12 months. However, the same report found that contractors’ order books for the 2018/19 financial year filled up at their fastest rate on record between Q1 and Q2 this year, its encouraging news for the sector.

Meanwhile, at Bristan, we’ve been talking about ease of installation, and how the right products can save valuable time for contractors on site…

The Big Bristan Story: Ease of Installation

Well-designed products which are fast and easy to install can save valuable time on site, reducing costs and keeping projects on schedule. When it comes to taps and showers, there are an increasing number of stylish options available which can raise efficiency, without breaking the bank..
1) Bristan’s Easyfit Kitchen Taps

Our Easyfit kitchen taps make installation quick and easy. Unlike standard taps, the base is secured from the top making it much easier to connect to the water supply underneath using the flexible tails that are included within the box. 

The taps are supplied with two isolation valves, which means the water supply can be isolated without turning it off at the mains, so the tap mechanism can be installed prior to the main body of the tap being fitted. This is particularly advantageous where the taps are being fitted in new build homes, or for complete kitchen overhauls, as they can be installed in two parts. 

The base can be fitted first, even before the new kitchen suite goes in. This means that the tiling and sealing can be completed more easily and prevents any accidental damage to the tap during the finishing stages. The tap body is then simply fitted in a matter of minutes once the rest of the work has been done. 
An image of a Bristan Blueberry Kitchen Tap
2) Slimline shower valves

Dual control concealed shower valves have long been a consistent favourite amongst consumers, in fact, the market is currently around 98,000 units per year.

However, installation has always been an issue with these valves. Whereas the connection centres of an exposed bar shower valve are usually 150 +/- 1mm, the dimensions for a concealed valve generally have less commonality, and connection is more involved.

Bristan has created a valve that is specifically designed for UK housing, and will fit into all wall spaces. Our innovative slimline valves can be fitted into cavities as small as 35mm and provide 17-30mm of inbuilt adjustability to provide further flexibility. To make life even easier, a wall outlet is included as standard.

The range features a variety of options – valve only, valve with a two outlet diverter, valve with twin stop cocks and valve with a two outlet diverter and stop cock.
An image of a Bristan Cobalt Shower Valve
3) Dual control valves 

For projects where an exposed shower is specified, there are high flow valves available which combine cutting-edge style with quick and easy installation.

For example, Bristan’s high-flow, exposed mini and maxi valves feature adjustable elbows and enable a centre selection between 110-155mm and 136-158mm respectively, making them incredibly easy and straightforward to install. 

As well as being easy to install, the valves come in a wide range of styles to respond to different consumer demands, including contemporary and classic models. Both the mini and maxi valves include eco-friendly flow regulators, and are also available in a concealed option. 

As the pressure rises for new homes to be built, products which can increase on-site efficiency can be a life saver for contractors.
An image of a Bristan Acute Mini Valve