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Bristan Senior Product Manager, Chris Tranter says: “The need for clear policies, procedures and infrastructure to control the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, particularly in health and care settings has never been so important. The time for debate - and action - must be now.
“After 40+ years of supplying products to the healthcare industry, we’ve discovered that the stakeholders we work with in the sphere of infection control for water delivery often have very different ideas in terms of their strategies and preferences. Our approach has always been to remain flexible and create products which meet both legislative and local demands. But as the COVID-19 crisis has shown, following the same guidelines is the most effective way to deliver a safer, healthier environment for all. 
“Our research report is designed to form the basis of serious discussion and real change within the healthcare sector. Our snapshot of industry opinion highlights numerous uncertainties and challenges which healthcare professionals face in implementing infection control strategies for water delivery, but where do we go from here?
“Certain questions received resoundingly consistent answers – the need for improvements to the current determination and support of competent persons and approving engineers, the need for more information and education for waterborne infection control, and the desire for a more concise set of Government guidelines.
“Yet our research doesn’t resolve any of the technical arguments between different system approaches or help readers to decide between an open outlet and laminar flow straightener spout. What is does is highlight the serious work that needs to be done to demystify infection control at every level, from legislation to best practice.
“We hope that by capturing and promoting the concerns and debates going on within the healthcare industry today, we can encourage further investigation and investment into infection control for water delivery in the future.
“Read our report here: Your Views: Water Delivery Infection Control in Healthcare survey.”