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7th February 2019

The life of a contractor is a busy one. There’s always another project to visit, another customer to call and more paperwork to do. This means that products which can save time on site can be a bit of a lifesaver – ten minutes saved on a job can make all the difference, keeping costs in line and ensuring deadlines are met with minimum hassle.


1) Easy isolation
Easyfit taps are supplied with two isolation valves, which means the water supply can be isolated without turning it off at the mains. This means that the tap mechanism (Easyfit base) can be installed prior to the main body of the tap being fitted. This is particularly useful when the taps are being fitted in new build homes, as they can be installed in two parts, reducing the risk of any damage to the main body during construction, as this can be fitted in the very final stages of a build.

2) Easy installation
Once the Easyfit base has been fitted, the tap body can be secured moments later using a hex key to speed up the installation process. Unlike standard taps, the base is secured from the top, so workers on site only need to spend time under the sink to connect the water using the flexible tails included.

3) Easy replacement
As well as providing a quick and easy installation, Easyfit makes tap replacement simple, too. All Easyfit taps have a common base, this means they make the perfect ‘optional upgrade’ offering, as a new body can be fitted in minutes.

4) Easyfit sinks
For added ease of fit, Bristan recently launched its first ever range of sinks. The range includes a number of stylish options, all with the brand’s patented Easyfit base pre-installed, for simple installation and ultimate upgrade capability. For ultimate convenience, Bristan offers a selection of sink and tap packages for hassle-free specification.

5) Easy win
Every Bristan product, including the Easyfit range, is tested in a state-of-the-art facility, which meets the same standards as a DNA laboratory. Tested up to 25 bar pressure, contractors and their customers can rely on the quality and reliability of Easyfit, making them a winner all round.

For more information check out our simple video guide

Easyfit 2

Easyfit Sink
With this in mind, Bristan designed the Easyfit range of taps. These taps can both reduce installation time and make the actual fitting process easier, all whilst offering a stylish option to the end user.

So, what do contractors need to know about Easyfit? Check out the five-point breakdown below.