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What are Bristan taps made of?


All tap bodies are manufactured from brass. Most are then plated in chrome, however we also use gold and coloured finishes.

Do Bristan guarantee valves against dripping?

Our 5 year warranty covers against any manufacturing faults, but not damage caused by water debris.

What's the best way to clean my taps?


Special finishes such as White or Beige are softer than chrome plate and special care must be taken when cleaning them. On chrome and gold plated products specifically, its not advisable to use bleach or cream cleaners as they can contain powerful solvents. Alternatively, you could use 'Goldbrite' cleaner, which you can order by calling us on 03300 266273 or an 'e-cloth', available from major retailers. Wiping after use will also help to avoid the formation of scale caused by hard water or soap deposits drying on to the product surface.

My mixer tap is leaking


Any dripping valves should be cleaned immediately to ensure any debris doesn’t cause irreparable damage to the valve or valve seating. If you're unsure how to do this then please give us a call on 03300 266273.

How long will ceramic discs last?


Following correct maintenance, we guarantee all tap parts for 5 years against manufacturing faults. Any dripping valves should be cleaned immediately to ensure any debris doesn’t cause irreparable damage. If you're unsure how to do this then please give us a call on 03300 266273.

I've installed an electric shower and the low pressure light won't turn off


Ensure that the mains water supply to the shower is above 0.7 bar. Any pressures below this amount will cause the unit to display 'LP' and produce no hot water. Check that the inlet filters are clean and clear from any debris, as partial blockages can cause the shower to register low pressure also.

Water trickles from the tap after turning it off


This can be caused by 'capillary action' where any water remaining in the spout is siphoned out. This is a nuisance rather than a product fault. Some products allow an aerator to be fitted which may help reduce the amount of water being siphoned from the product. You can contact us via web chat or call us on 03300 266273 if you would like any further information regarding this.

The shower pump is making a lot of noise


Check that the location of the pump and the water supply connections are as shown in the installation book. Follow through the purge/commissioning procedure in the fitting instructions to ensure there is no air within the pump unit.

The shower pump won't start


Make sure that the electricity is turned on and the fuse is ok. Check that water is flowing from the shower head when the shower mixer valve is turned on. If not, a negative head pump may be required.

I've fitted a bar shower and the water isn't getting hot enough


Check water supply pressures. Thermostatic valves require reasonably balanced supply pressures. A high difference in pressure can cause temperature issues.

I've fitted a power shower and can't get the pump to turn on. I've checked water flows from the shower head


Check that the purge switch (inside the cabinet) is set to "shower" position, or that the 'Eco' button (if fitted) is not switched on.

Water is coming from the cold water tank overflow pipe, and there is warm water in the tank


Check that the non return valves (NRVs) in the shower are functioning correctly. Failed NRVs can cause water to backflow into the water system. Repair, replace NRVS, or fit an in-line valve into the shower supply pipework.

I've fitted a new thermostatic valve and it gives only cold or hot water, but does not mix


Check that the supplies are being fed to the shower correctly, hot on the left and cold on the right. Also, ensure that the shower valve is not fitted upside down.