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Introducing our New Wall Outlets for Concealed Showers

We’re committed to designing products that make life brilliantly simple for our installer community.

That's why we’ve created our new Wall Outlets, designed with intelligent Wall Mount technology to make it quick and easy to connect a hose to a concealed shower valve. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

Brilliantly simple installation  

Bristan’s new Wall Outlets bring a number of benefits for the installer with our unique Wall Mount technology. 

It is faster and easier for the installer as the fixings to the supply pipework are on the outside of the wall surface, rather than within the wall. With our previous type of fixing, there would be a requirement to gain access inside the wall to fully tighten the supply connection and ensure no leaks. The new design removes all of that.

Ideal for first fix installation, once the pipework has been cut to length, the wall outlet simply screws to the tiles, and the olive compression joins to the pipework, while a rubber gasket sits behind the backplate to ensure a water tight seal, protecting the cavity from water ingress during showering. Attach the outlet, tighten grub screw and now it is ready for a hose to be attached.

Once fitted, it’s simple to change to any of the other outlets across the range, as they all use the same modular back plate fixing. You can go from round to square, or even contemporary to traditional to suit your style and decor upgrades.

New and improved

The new Wall Outlets are designed and engineered in-house for new and improved quality product across the range at the same cost as previous.

Plus, they’re made from brass for added durability with hand polishing and come in a hard-wearing, flawless chrome finish that delivers on quality that is built to last. 

Stylish choices

With a range of contemporary and traditional designs, your customer has a wealth of choice combining functional practicality and sleek design. 

The outlets are available in a number of styles: four improved contemporary outlets and outlets with handset holders available in round and square options; and six new traditional outlets available as an outlet only, an outlet with handset holder or an outlet with cradle holder with round or square bevelled back plates. 

Whatever the customer desires, the outlets always have a clean exterior and that will look great with any chrome concealed shower valve.

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