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5 reasons why you should recommend a boiling water tap to your customer

The popularity of boiling water taps is heating up. Once the preserve of high-end commercial premises, these units have become a homeowner must-have, and are arguably on track to replace the kettle as a kitchen staple.

We caught up with our Head of Product, Matthew Hicks to get the low down on why you should be recommending boiling water taps to your customers.

It’s an upsell opportunity

Surprising as it may sound to those of us within the industry, there’s still plenty of people who don’t know that instant boiling water taps are an available option for domestic environments.

You might find that, by simply making your customer aware of the units available, you’re able to increase the value of your job, whilst providing a recommendation which really adds a ‘wow factor’ for the homeowner.

What’s more, certain products, such as our Rapid 4-in-1 boiling water tap, which provides hot, cold, boiling and filtered water from a single unit, represent an opportunity for repeat business. Installers who fit the Rapid 4-in-1 can offer ongoing maintenance to their customers by replacing the filter filters every six months, to maintain water purity and prolong the life cycle of the product.

Simple installation

Sometimes, an upsell comes at the cost of extra time and effort on site. This needn’t be the case with an instant boiling water tap.

Our Rapid 4-in-1, and our Rapid 3-in-1 boiling water tap, which provides hot, cold and boiling water, both come with everything required for installation, such as the tap and flexi tails, pressure reducing valve, a filter and a 2.4L or 3L capacity tank depending on the model selected.

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These taps will replace any existing tap hole and the accompanying tanks are compact enough to fit underneath most kitchen worktops, removing the need to make any alterations to the existing pipework.

They’re safer than a traditional kettle

The idea of easily accessible boiling water can be worrying, but these taps are actually much safer than a standard kettle.

Firstly, boiling water taps stay in a fixed location, unlike kettles which can easily be knocked or dropped when pouring. What’s more, a trailing kettle cable could easily be pulled by a small child, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Kettles also often get very hot on the outside, which can mean burnt fingers. Whilst some boiling water taps have the same problem, our Rapid 3-in-1 has been specifically designed to be safe to touch. Furthermore, the Rapid 3-in-1 requires a button to be pressed in order to dispense water, which when released will spring back and stop the flow of boiling water. Similarly, the Rapid 4-in-1 will only deliver boiling water when a finger is held against the tap’s sensor.

As a further reassurance, the Rapid range is CE compliant, meaning both taps conform with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

More efficient than a kettle

One of the biggest issues with kettles is overboiling. Many people will completely fill the kettle just to make one hot drink, consequently wasting energy to boil water which is not ultimately used. This is without even broaching the heat loss which results from often ineffective kettle body insulation.

The technology of a boiling water tap means that only minimal energy is consumed to maintain the water at a specific temperature. With our Rapid boiling water taps, heating the water from cold takes just 10-12 minutes, depending upon inlet temperature, and once this heating process is complete, it will stay at this temperature, and will be kept constantly full through displacement.

This consistent temperature means that, unlike a kettle, which has to heat the water from cold, there is no energy spike to bring the water to boiling each time boiling water is required.

As a further bonus, boiling water taps are also more water efficient than kettles, as the user only ever dispenses the exact amount of water needed.

Adding value to your customer’s home

As well as a convenient all-in-one solution for the homeowner – providing hot, cold, boiling and even filtered water in one place – these taps also provide a crucial selling point for the customer’s home.

Increasingly a buyer ‘must-have’, the inclusion of an instant boiling water tap can provide a valuable boost to the saleability of a house. By recommending one of these units, and explaining the benefits it can provide, both in the short and longer term, you can add value to your service, and even gain an edge on the competition.

Boiling Water Taps - Making Tea

Instant boiling water taps are one of the fastest growing kitchen accessories today. As the UK’s number one tap supplier, installers can rely on Bristan to provide high quality options which make installation and keep customers happy.

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