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Which Designer Tap Would Suit Your Bathroom Style?

The Designer Collection from Bristan brings unmistakable style to your bathroom, whether you have a traditional or contemporary style in mind. From cool chrome curves to vintage-inspired spouts, our designer bathroom taps will add that extra touch of luxury to your space. Made using the highest quality materials and superbly designed, each tap speaks volumes about your unique style.

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Contemporary bathrooms

Contemporary bathrooms tend to combine practical lifestyle features with a neutral or understated colour palette. Modern features such as granite countertops, stylish bathtubs, and uncluttered surfaces dominate these bathrooms. Designer taps and showers for contemporary bathrooms should create the minimum of fuss, yet be striking and confident in appearance.

That’s why we love the Claret range, which combines unusual elongated handles with a combination of chrome and high-gloss white. Ergonomic and confident, the Claret range will draw the eye without imposing on your bathroom suite. Or try the Descent range, which features wide spouts for a luxurious cascade effect, adding drama to every bathroom. You may also be interested in the Hampton, Vertigo, and Artisan Evo ranges.

Minimalist bathrooms

Choosing designer taps for a minimalist bathroom means opting for pared-down, highly functional shapes. But there’s nothing soulless about a minimalist bathroom – instead, this uncluttered space will create a sense of calm, while the soft, neutral colour associated with the style bring a light and airy feel to the room. Clutter is kept behind closed doors, and accessories, where used, make a real design statement.

If you are creating a minimalist bathroom, consider the Qube range. Qube designer bathroom taps are minimalist in design, combining soft curves and sharp edges to draw the attention. The Sail range is inspired by the shapes of a wind-blow sail; angular handles and sleek lines create a minimalist, streamlined look that is both contemporary and beautiful. You may also be interested in the Alp, Ebony, Pivot and Exodus ranges.

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Traditional bathrooms

Vintage bathrooms are anything but old-fashioned; instead, they combine the very best of traditional design and contemporary flair. Whether you’re creating a regal bathroom that’s full of opulent touches or a striking art-deco space, our vintage-inspired designer bathroom taps will add the finishing touches that really make you say ‘wow’.

The Trinity collection perfectly brings together traditional shapes with a contemporary high-shine chrome finish. Trinity taps feature rounded crossheads for that unmistakably traditional vibe, while the bell-shaped flair at the end of the spout makes these taps stand out from the competition. Taps from the Renaissance collection take their inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, and feature glorious porcelain details for a truly luxurious feel. Or, for a striking 1920’s-1930s-style bathroom, you may be interested in the Art Deco range, where modern functionality meets vintage beauty. You may also be inspired by the Cascade collection, which also features crosshead taps.

Versatile bathrooms

Not all bathrooms are built with a particular style in mind; these versatile bathrooms might combine contemporary and traditional features, or strike out for a style all of their own. If you can’t decide on a beautiful designer bathroom tap for your versatile space, go for something modern but unobtrusive, practical yet stylish, and utterly timeless.

The Glorious collection may well meet your needs. Its petal-shaped crossheads combine modern and traditional vibes, while the flared spout makes it utterly distinctive without drawing too much attention. The Tria collection, meanwhile, is striking in its simplicity, making it a great match for practically any bathroom design while still maintaining that feeling of high quality and luxury. You may also be interested in the Hourglass collection.

Understated bathrooms

Soft shapes, nude colours, and spa-inspired accessories all create an understated bathroom that is calming and peaceful. Muted grey or feminine shades make these bathrooms unique, and when it comes to taps and showers, confident simplicity is key. Rounded edges work well in these bathrooms, creating a subtle bespoke look.

Flute designer bathroom taps feature a gentle teardrop design that perfectly suits bathrooms that utilise soft curves and rounded edges as a design feature. The Bright collection, meanwhile, has a chunkier design that feels robust while remaining distinctly understated and soft, combining square and rounded design.

Spa-inspired bathrooms

Whether your bathroom is traditional or modern, you may well be interested in the spa-inspired trend. Luxury bathrooms in this category feature distinctive curved shapes that echo the idea of cascading water. Curves are all-important in these designs, and water takes centre-stage; so choose designer taps that make a statement.

The Cascade range features swooping curves that contrast with square features, bringing the feminine and masculine together in one simple design. The Chill range is the ideal way to bring a touch of spa indulgence to your home, with a spout that reflect the arc of a swan’s neck.

Whether you create a space for total relaxation or design a bathroom that’s functional and energetic, choosing the right bathroom taps will add the finishing touches to your space. Browse the Designer Collection by Bristan and find your perfect bathroom taps today.

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