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Three ways Easyfit can make kitchen renovation brilliant

Embarking on a home renovation? Installing a brand-new tap is the first step to creating an on-trend and functional kitchen. While this may seem like a big job, our Easyfit Taps have been designed to make the installation process as simple, quick and fuss-free as possible.

From the practised plumber to the premium housebuilder, professionals far and wide install our Easyfit Taps – and now you can try your hand at the game-changing Easyfit installation. If you’re not so confident, you can always ask your local plumber and see the magic of Easyfit unfold before your very own eyes as they fit your tap in a matter of minutes!

Here’s three ways our Easyfit Taps can make your kitchen renovation brilliant…

Easy as 1, 2,3

Speedy solutions can make a big home renovation a whole lot easier, and our Easyfit Taps really can be installed in three simple steps. We’ve engineered the Easyfit system to make the process as smooth as possible, so there’s no fiddly bits or the need to clamber under the sink. The Easyfit base has been cleverly designed so that it can be fed through the tap hole in a matter of seconds from the top of the sink. Once this is done, all that’s left to do is connect the flexi-tails and secure the body onto the base to finish. What’s more, recent design modifications have pushed the innovation of the Easyfit system even further with the addition and refinement of extra grub screw locating holes and removed the ability for it to be installed incorrectly for a truly effortless installation.

For a step-by-step guide, check out this video.

Ultimate flexibility

We know life gets in the way sometimes, so we’ve made sure our Easyfit Taps offer ultimate flexibility with the option to install the tap in two parts. This means the Easyfit base can be fitted first – even before the kitchen suite has been installed – and then returned to at a later stage to secure to tap body. This allows the tiling and sealing to be completed more easily and prevents any accidental damage to the tap body during the final finishing stages. An additional benefit of this two-part installation process is that upgrades or damaged taps are cheaper and easier to install.

A design to suit every kitchen

Maximum style and minimum effort is the name of the game for our Easyfit Taps, and you can rest assured there’s something to suit every style. There’s almost sixty designs and finishes in our Easyfit collection; from the bold, angular Amaretto, to the fresh and contemporary Lemon in a modern brushed nickel finish, to the classic 1901 in an elegant gold hue. For all the fastidious trend watchers, the Easyfit range now includes ‘tap only’ options so you can easily refresh your style from a new tap from the collection without having to re-purchase the base again. 


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