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Five ways infrared technology can transform your bathroom

Hands-free hygienic and environmentally friendly, infrared sensor taps have long been tried and tested in hospitals, care homes, schools and restaurants. It’s no surprise then, that in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness conscious consumers are keen to tap into the benefits of touchless technology too.
Infrared sensor tapProviding a completely hands-free experience, here’s five ways automatic taps can transform your bathroom and kitchen.

1) Guaranteed infection control

Germs often linger on tap handles, which means you can easily pick them up when you’re turning the water off after washing your hands. In a COVID-19 world infection control has never been so important. Not having to touch your tap can help prevent the spread of germs. So Bristan Infrared Taps can offer the perfect solution.

The intelligent infrared sensing technology activates the water flow, eliminating the need for physical contact. The tap sends out an infrared LED beam (invisible to the human eye) and when a hand interrupts this beam it is bounced back to the sensor in the tap which automatically switches on allowing the water to flow. 

The tap will then automatically switch off when it senses a hand moves away and the beam is no longer interrupted.

2) Handwashing made easy

You can’t beat good old soap and water. We’ve made it even easier to lather up your hands with our Infrared Automatic Soap Dispenser.  Specially designed just for soap its perfect for washrooms and home bathrooms too. Operating in much in the same way as our sensor taps, simply apply the soap to your hands without making any physical contact.

Please note that the automatic soap dispenser is not designed for hand sanitising products and should only be used with soap.

3) Easy user experience

Not only does infrared technology support infection control the automatic design makes for a great user experience too.  Hands-free taps are perfect for anyone struggling with mobility challenges such as arthritis and also prevent young children from having to struggle with hot taps.

4) Water-saving solution

Did you know infrared sensor taps have a built-in automatic switch off which prevents water wastage, making them an environmentally friendly choice? It can be easy to leave traditional taps on — especially with children around — so, this is a convenient way to make sure no water is left running.

5) A sleek touch

We understand that functionality comes first, but style is important too. That’s why Bristan’s infrared taps come in three distinct designs to seamlessly fit with your bathroom design. Choose from the soft lines of the Infrared Swan Neck Basin Tap, the modern angular Infrared Basin Spout or the minimalist look of the Infrared Automatic Basin Wall Spout.

These products — along with our Infrared Automatic Soap Dispenser — are also available in a Brushed Nickel finish for a sleek, stylish look.

Discover our infrared sensor range here. 


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