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A brilliantly simple bathroom refresh this winter

With winter well and truly on its way, the party season and winter festivities are fast approaching. While households are a place of rest and relaxation during this period, it’s also a time to host guests and get together with your loved ones. 

Whether the bathroom is at the centre of a busy home or acts as a quiet hideaway, we’ve got plenty of options to make sure your winter bathroom refresh is suitable for all the family — without compromising on style or functionality.

Safety for the whole family

If you’ve got someone staying over, showering plays an essential role in anyone’s day-to-day routine. Therefore, it’s important to choose a shower that is safe, fuss-free and enjoyable, making those everyday moments brilliant.

If you’ve got elderly relatives coming to visit, or the grandchildren coming to stay, you can have complete peace of mind with our intelligent Safe Touch technology featured within our bar showers. This technology is cleverly designed to encase the hot water supply within the cold, in the valve and the shower body. This keeps the exterior of the shower valve cool to touch, even when the shower is hot, reducing the risk of scalding.

Our bar showers also incorporate thermostatic technology that regulates the temperate to prevent any sudden spikes and stops the water flow completely if the cold-water supply fails, therefore allowing homeowners and guests to have complete confidence when showering.

No need to compromise on style

Whilst safety is a big factor to consider when refreshing your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. No matter your style or budget, we have a wealth of options to choose from, offering great looks that stand the test of time.

1901 Bath Shower MixerOur 1901 traditional range of taps and showers guarantee style and elegance every time. If you’re looking for an Autumn glow to create a warm and relaxing retreat, the range comes in striking golden tones with a timeless appeal.

Or take our range of bar showers: Carre offers a modern touch that will blend well with almost any bathroom interior, whilst our Artisan range is simple to match with a sleek and contemporary look. To create a cohesive bathroom, our Frenzy bar shower has co-ordinating tap options available, complete with a sleek, stylish and angular look. 

Easy installation

There’s no need to worry about a winter bathroom refresh or renovation cutting into your weekends or quality time with the family. Our bar showers are hassle-free as they include our award-winning Wallmount 12 fixing kits, featuring flexible inlets with built-in isolation for easy connection to existing pipework — making them a game changer for installers. 

There’s also no need to interfere with existing tiling or sealing during a bathroom refresh, so you don’t need to worry about any damage to walls, pipes or the shower. This makes for an easy winter project for an avid DIY-er, or a simple job for your plumber to be in and out in no time.

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