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We understand that, most of the time, installers would prefer to fit a digital shower over a mixer - they are just easier to fit.

So to help installers make that small step into the digital showering world, we've developed the new Artisan Evo Digital - a thermostatic mixer shower with digital technology.

With added functionality such as accurate temperature control and stylish design, the Artisan Evo Digital Thermostatic Mixer Shower Shower is easy to install and great value for money.

It's similar to a mixer shower, but it's evolved.

FROM £250.71*

*Trade price and excluding VAT



The water is mixed in the digitally controlled valve, which can be positioned on a wall or flat on the floor.

- Fits into the easiest installation area i.e. in an airing cupboard, under the bath or in a loft space

- Can be positioned up to 10 meters from the controller

- Slim-line (226 x 233 x 45mm)




The battery operated wireless controller can be positioned up to 10 metres apart from the digitally controlled mixing valve.

- Easy to install

- Can be fitted to suit individual preferences

- Digital temperature control & display 

- Warm up mode - never enter a cold shower again!

- Eco flow mode

- Low battery indicator - 2xAA batteries included

- Sleek, modern look, available in two colours